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Michael Grant (CEO) has over 20 years experience starting and running his own businesses from the Retail Sector and Manufacturing to the Service Industry. These businesses have employed hundreds of staff & raised over R150m in funding to grow rapidly with a turnover in excess of R400m over 5 years.

He has started, grown and then sold his companies over the years and has acquired vast knowledge in directing successful businesses and can offer solutions to business challenges & problems. He has also made many business mistakes that has taught him how to do things better!

Knights Capital was started in 2016 to assist business owners with their personal goals & also to advise entrepreneurs on how to improve or re design their businesses to become more profitable and successful.

Companies require constant change in the fast moving business world today and owners have to keep up with the market and change or they may struggle to get ahead or remain profitable.

Knights Capital is a support structure with vast resources and access to market specialists for all business owners. Would you like to have a CEO on call to help your business?

We offer Small to Large business owners the assurance that we can make a positive contribution to their business challenges and help them grow!